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About Olivia Healey...

Olivia Healey first discovered her love of storytelling at the age of 10, when she played Juliette in Madeline's Christmas at the Horizon Theatre. She pursued theater for six more years, before realizing the depth to which she could take her craft in front of the camera.

Olivia recently played the role of Abby Slocum in the upcoming feature film, Grounded, and is focused on honing her craft through studying Strasberg and Demidov in her weekly acting class.

Not only is Olivia an actor, but she is an avid screenwriter, as well. She has written over 50 scenes for clients in Atlanta, and wrote the impactful short film, Breathe, which screened June 2023, and received praise from multiple recognized mental health organizations. Olivia has worked with the highly regarded Berman Center (featured in Teen Vogue and more), to screen Breathe and inspire their patients to express how their anxiety feels through art. She looks forward to continuing her journey bringing Breathe to more organizations, in hopes of reaching a broader audience.

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